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People gives us a sneak peek of a scene from Thursday’s winter finale of How To Get Away With Murder. Annalise confronts Sam about what Bonnie told her.

Who killed Sam – and did he kill Lila?

That’s the question on every How to Get Away with Murder fan’s mind as the ABC legal thriller flashes forward and back.

Thursday’s episode is sure to be explosive, and PEOPLE has the exclusive sneak peek at a pivotal scene between an angry Annalise (Viola Davis) and her two-timing husband. She’s confronting him about the slaying of his student, but as viewers have learned, he’ll also meet an untimely demise.

We know Sam (Tom Verica) slept with Lila. We know she was pregnant at the time of her grisly murder, suggesting a crime of passion. And now Annalise knows all this, too, after sleazy Sam hit on her devoted associate Bonnie to keep her quiet. (Here’s some advice: When your wife is trying to forgive you for one infidelity-slash-possible-murder, don’t put the moves on her employee.)

In this scene, Annalise tries to kick Sam out of her house, finally treating him like the pathological liar he truly is. (Seriously, has he ever said anything that’s not a fib to cover his own butt?) As she briskly packs his suitcase, he begs her to believe him one last time.

“I lied, yes, but only because I was afraid you’d think I killed her,” he pleads.

“Didn’t you?” Annalise shoots back.

Watch the clip above to see how he responds, and tell us your theories in the comments below.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays on ABC at 10 p.m. ET.

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