January 26, 2018  •  Ali  •  No Comment  •  Videos

Viola Davis Reveals Why She’d be a Bad President

Viola talks about her speech at the LA Women’s March, and reveals why she wouldn’t make a very good president.

Viola Davis on Melania Trump’s Love of How to Get Away with Murder

Viola talks about Melania Trump calling ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ her favorite TV show, and reveals the TV shows that she loved growing up.

Viola Davis Wants Her Daughter to Kick Some Ass

Viola talks about her daughter’s favorite part about coming to our show, why she put her daughter in Karate classes and reveals what she loves about her husband.

Viola Davis Reveals Magic Between Her & Kerry Washington

Viola talks about the ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ & ‘Scandal’ crossover episode on ABC, and the magic of acting with Kerry Washington.

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