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Ahead of How to Get Away with Murder’s finale Thursday night, Viola Davis and her costars express their appreciation for the viewers who took the ride with them these last six years

Viola Davis and her How to Get Away with Murder costars want fans to know how much they appreciate the support of their show over the last six seasons.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive featurette, the cast sends thank you messages to viewers ahead of Thursday’s series finale.

“Thank you for bringing yourself into it and opening yourself up for 42 minutes and inviting us into your lives because it’s been a hell of a ride,” Davis, who stars as lawyer and former professor Annalise Keating, says in the video.

Alfred Enoch, who played law student Wes Gibbins, apologizes to fans for all the plot twists the show employed since its 2014 debut.

“I’m sorry,” says Enoch, 31. “It must have been an exasperating experience watching the show with all the cliffhangers and the twists and turns. I say I’m sorry, it’s not my fault. I haven’t written it, so don’t get cross with me actually.”

Tom Verica claims he has “people coming up to me in airports cursing me out” because of his turn as Annalise’s late husband Sam.

Jack Falahee — HTGAWM’s Connor Walsh, who currently faces jail time for being charged with killing pal Asher (Matt McGorry) — admits he started joining in the show’s online fandom. “I have recently started posting on the How to Get Away with Murder subreddit, but no one knows it’s me,” the actor and musician, 31, says. “And like, the community on Reddit and the internet in general is just like so strong and supportive. So thank you, it really means a lot.”

Davis, 54, says she “thought I was ready” to part with the Shonda Rhimes series, but it “creeps up on you.”

“It is just saying goodbye to a show that has really changed my career and I think in a huge way it shifted the face of television,” Davis, whose work on the show earned her an Emmy in 2015, concludes. “It’s been bittersweet. It’s like saying goodbye to a family member.”

How to Get Away with Murder’s series finale airs Thursday (10 p.m. ET) on ABC.


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