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Promotional Shoot for Fences

September 26, 2018   No Comment   Fences

I came across this beautiful photoshoot for Viola’s film Fences. Movie Productions > Fences > Promotional Photos

More Stills from Fences

December 31, 2017   No Comment   Fences

I have come across some new production stills from Fences and have added them to our gallery. Movie Productions > Fences > Movie Stills

Captures from Fences

December 19, 2017   No Comment   Fences

One year ago this week Viola’s film Fences was released in theaters. Viola won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Rose Maxson. I have added captures of this wonderful film to our gallery. Movie Productions > Fences > Screencaptures

Viola Davis Offers Powerful Insights Into Her ‘Fences’ Character In This Digital HD Exclusive

February 25, 2017   No Comment   Articles, Fences

When Oscar Sunday arrives on Feb. 26, no one will be surprised if Viola Davis wins Best Supporting Actress, thanks to her powerful work in Fences. The three-time Oscar nominee is overdue for a win, and her complete embodiment of the character of Rose should be the role that earns her the statue. In an […]

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis detail their three favorite ‘Fences’ scenes

February 9, 2017   No Comment   Fences

A new article from the Los Angeles Times where Viola & Denzel share their three favorite scenes from their new film Fences. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis played married couple Troy and Rose Maxson 114 times in the 2010 Broadway revival of August Wilson’s “Fences.” That number came up often in a recent conversation with […]

Viola Davis on the Importance of Fences: “This Is a Universal Story”

February 5, 2017   No Comment   Articles, Fences

Viola spoke with TV on why the story of Fences is important. Viola Davis made history in 2015 when she became the first black actress to win the lead drama actress Emmy for How to Get Away with Murder. She’s once again rewriting the awards annals this year: She’s the first black actress to […]

Viola Receives a 2017 Oscar Nomination

January 24, 2017   No Comment   Awards, Fences

Congratulations to Viola on her Academy Award nomination for her role in Fences! And congrats to the cast & crew of Fences for it’s 4 nominations! Best Actress In A Supporting Role Viola Davis (Fences) Naomie Harris (Moonlight) Nicole Kidman (Lion) Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) Michelle Williams (Manchester By The Sea)

Viola Davis Challenges the System: If a Movie Isn’t Diverse, It Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Win an Oscar

December 22, 2016   No Comment   Articles, Fences

“Art has got to be inclusive. The landscape of America is not what it was. The demographics have changed.” Hollywood isn’t exactly known for its progressive approach to onscreen representation (see: #OscarsSoWhite rounds one and two), but 2016 delivered several films that break the norm—including Fences. The Denzel Washington-directed movie is based on a play […]

Interview with The Hollywood Reporter

December 7, 2016   No Comment   Fences, Interviews, Videos

Viola Davis Just Made a Bold Move to Cement Her 2017 Oscar Chances

October 23, 2016   No Comment   Fences

Vanity Fair shared this article about the upcoming Oscar race and how Viola fits in it. Though it still feels early in the 2017 Oscar race, the truth is most performances in major awards contender movies have been seen by members of the industry and critical circles either at festivals or advance screenings. One film, […]