The Hollywood Reporter shares what Viola discussed on tonights Emmys Red Carpet.

The actress who made history with her best drama actress win last year told ABCs red carpet preshow that she feels no pressure to repeat this year.

Last year Viola Davis made history with her Emmy win, becoming the first black actress to win best drama honors.

Her speech, addressing diversity in Hollywood was a highlight of last years show and has continued to be discussed as the entertainment industry, particularly on the film side of the business, grapples with diversity issues.

And now, a year later, Davis says shes noticed improvement, mostly because women are speaking up.

Hollywood is doing good, but Ill tell you women of color are doing even better. Its like weve gotten to the point where women are saying, You know what? Im going to ask for what I want. And I love it. A closed mouth doesnt get fed.

Davis is nominated again for best drama actress but says she feels no pressure to score another win.

The actress also joked that Annalise Keatings signature delivery of How to get away with murder even has people at Target wanting her to deliver the line like her character.

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