Hello and welcome to Simply Viola Davis, your newest resource dedicated to actress Viola Davis.
My name is Claudia and I am THE founder and maintain this fansite. For the past 3 months Ive been working to get you all photos and keep up to all latest news about Viola, but as I wanted to open to perfection with everything ready, I told myself that part of the fun is also to see it growing and enjoying things together, so here I am.
I have been a fan of Viola for quite a few years now, and the sole idea of building this fansite to tribute her career and amazing person, made me all excited that I wished you to jump and join in on the fun with me.

So much still needs to be built, so much still needs to be included but for now, enjoy a gallery with over 22,000 files, a detailed biography, a complete career section and the twitter.
Hope to see you around often, lets start this journey!

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