Character: Attorney Campbell

Created by: Anthony E. Zuiker

Directed by: Kenneth Fink

Written by: Carol Mendelsohn, Elizabeth Devine

Produced by: Josh Berman, Peter Dunne, Kenneth Fink, Andrew Lipsitz

Cast Members: Marg Helgenberger

Released date: November 7, 2002

Episode(s) Number: 3×06

Episode(s) Title: “The Execution of Catherine Willows”

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Duration: 43 min

On the day of convicted serial killer-rapist John Mathers’s execution, a new case following his MO causes a stay after countering the already administered lethal injection and urgent forensic (re-)examination. It was Catherine’s first case leading to death row. The most modern techniques, even requiring federal equipment not available to Greg, show another killer was at work and probably one was a copy-cat, but the question remains in which order, as that may or not discharge Mathers.

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