Character: Eleanor

Directed by: Joe Mantello

Written by: Craig Lucas

Cast Members: Ndehru Roberts, Amy Brenneman, John Benjamin Hickey, Kia Joy Goodwin, Lisa Leguillou, Julie Kavner, Kevin Carroll

Venue: Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater

Production Dates: March 7 May 25, 1997

Over the course of a single evening, we meet three disparate couples – black and white, gay and straight, teenaged and thirty-something – who would not normally interact in the real world, but whose lives come together through their all-too-real dreams, in which their fears and hopes play out before us.

About the performance

&quotes; The acting is certainly to be commended for its freshness and vitality, especially Brenneman as a misguided nightstalker, Davis as an eternal guru and Kavner as her comforting companion. [from Variety: Gods Heart Review]

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