Ever wondered what other talents Viola has besides being a fabulous actress? Well here is one that she shared with Vanity Fair.

Award-winning actress and Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover star Viola Davis shows off a hidden ability.

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We know that Hollywood Issue cover girl Viola Davis can do many things. Shes been awarded for her work in film, television, and theater, most recently picking up her second Screen Actors Guild award for her performance on the hit ABC series How to Get Away with Murder. But, like all the great actors, Davis contains so many multitudes that, even years into an illustrious career, she is still able to surprise us with some remarkable ability. Viola Davis, it turns out, can draw.

Yes, as part of V.F.s Secret Talent Theatre, in which our Hollywood Issue heroines shows us heretofore unknown abilities, Davis demonstrates that shes adept at drawing, a skill that Davis says her young daughter takes great delight in. (Even if an art school might not, she humbly concedes.) And then, Davis takes to the canvas, producing an image of a clown worthy of . . . well, there arent any famous painters of clowns, are there. Perhaps Viola Davis could become the first, adding yet another accomplishment to her impressive rsum.

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