As the tough-as-nails criminal-defense lawyer and law professor Annalise Keating on How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis is as fierce and feisty as she is calm and complicated. And while her character is a total boss babe, its Davis herself who has me wanting to hang out nonstop. The award-winning actress (she has an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony, a Golden Globe, and a few SAG Awards, NBD) is all about that Target-shopping, essential-oil-diffusing, couch-loving (yet workout-prioritizing) lifestyle.

My ideal day off is having no agenda, nothing scheduled, Davis tells Self. I can wake up when I want, work out for however long I want, and then afterward, lay down on the couch, eat something good, and watch really crappy television. Then go to Target and browse the aisles.

Note she doesnt let the allure of the couch win her over: Davis works out five days a week with a trainer, and says she swears by her morning self-care routine. When I get really busy, my self is the one thing thats left in the dust, she says. So if I start out in the morning with myself, then Im good to go.

After hitting the gym, shell chiller, uh, warm upin her Jacuzzi or steam room before diffusing some relaxing essential-oil blends. Her affordable faves? Aura Cacia Chill Pill and Pillow Potion.

Target, self-care, steam rooms, and snacks? More like How to Get Away With Living the Dream, #amirite?


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