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The actress joins Céline Dion, Eva Longoria and Helen Mirren as a face of L’Oréal Paris

Viola Davis is the newest face of L’Oréal Paris!

The 54-year-old How to Get Away With Murder actress says she never associated herself with “beauty and femininity” when she was growing up, so to team with one of the beauty industry’s most iconic brands is a monumental moment for the star.

“It feels surreal,” Davis tells PEOPLE. “First of all, and you can take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt, I never thought that I could be an international spokesperson for L’Oréal. The fact that I am, it feels like my life has come full circle.”

As a young girl, the actress says she never thought she had the attributes of a beauty spokesperson, since she didn’t see women that looked like her represented in advertisements or the media.

“When I thought of beauty and femininity when I was a young scrappy girl growing up in Central Falls, Rhode Island, I didn’t associate it with myself,” Davis says. “I didn’t think that I had all those attributes that women who are seen like that should have.”

But now, she’s proud to “reject so much of those notions.” Davis says: “It feels right to me. And I feel like L’Oréal found me at a perfect time, I sort of found them at a perfect time, sort of like how I found my husband, you know?”

Starting next month, Davis will from all TV, print and digital campaigns for L’Oréal Paris’ Age Perfect line. She’s joining a crew of other A-list L’Oréal Paris ambassadors, including Eva Longoria, Helen Mirren, Elle Fanning, Céline Dion, Aja Naomi King and Camila Cabello.

“The whole L’Oréal moniker, ‘I’m worth it,’ always gives me chills,” Davis says. “I think that statement is everything. It’s the sort of mantra we should tell all our little girls.”

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