The Root has Viola share her favorite memory from How to Get Away With Murder.

Imagine being able to say that you got to sit betwixt the knees of the leading matriarch of black Hollywood while she does your hair, ever so tenderly. Well, Viola Davis has those bragging rights.

A highly respected actor in her own right, Davis reminisced on her favorite moment throughout the six seasons of the ABC legal thriller, How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM).

Returning tonight for its final stretch (six more episodes to go, yall!), Davis sat down with The Root to break down the iconic scene from Season 1, Episode 13 appropriately titled, Mamas Here Now.

Let me tell you somethin, Davis leaned in with a firm reverence. She scratched my scalpI said, OK, the next step is, Im going to bleed, Ms. Tyson! because that woman is strong! But, that [moment] was absolutely perfect.

We can certainly imagine it was! Rest assured, Davis scalp was blessed during that production shoot. Not only was it a pivotal moment for Annalise Keatings character arc, but it served as a reflection of the actress own career goals.

Its just something that I dont [typically] see thats so culturally specific, but so much about bonding and our everyday, Davis continued. And to do it with Ms. Tyson, who is the one who gave me that first burst of wanting to dream bigger than my circumstances she was my first image of success and what I wanted to be.

Simply put, Davis summarized the experience with three powerful words: It was everything.

How To Get Away With Murder returns tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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