The nameViola Davisis synonymous with incomparable talent, wisdom that cant be measured, and of course, great skin. So its only right that the star is the latest face of beauty brand powerhouse, LOral, joining its long list of celebrity ambassadors that are declaring youre worth it.

ESSENCE was able to (virtually) sit down with the award-winning television and movie star for a moving conversation aboutbeauty, aging, liberation, and how shes raising her daughter to know her self-worth from a young age.

The brand LOral is so synonymous with such wonderful memories. Whats your favorite memory with the brand?
: All I know is I know that I was in my twenties, and I just remember being startled looking at the television and it saying Youre worth it. I remember it startling me, you know? Theres certain words that when theyre put together, they startle you, and they startled me, especially as a beauty campaign. Back in the day there was like all these beauty campaigns and I remember looking at those women going, Oh, theyre beautiful or whatever, but it was L Oreal and that whole affirmation of youre worth it, that literally startled me. I attributed high cheekbones, youth, hair, and fitness to beauty, I never realized that how God made you is worth it. That was the first aha moment.

And youre a part of the latest campaign for theAge Perfect Midnight Serum, can you tell us whats so great about the formula?
I love everything. I love its light richness, I love the packaging, I love how it feels as soon as you put it on your skin. It radiates, theres no dullness and it adds a brightness to my complexion. I love that my skin looks smoother and it doesnt feel like theres theres anything in there thats going to cause your skin to break out. Theres no parabens, theres no mineral oil, theres none of that. Ive been telling people, I use it every day and I gave one to my husband because we were using one bottle together and he came to me and said, I want my own. Hes been getting so many.

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