Character: Hannah Crane

Created by: Ed Zuckerman

Directed by: Michael Lehmann, Jerry Levine, J. Miller Tobin, Ron Lagomarsino, Peter Markle, David Straiton

Written by: Ed Zuckerman, Ellen Herman, David Gerken, Ben Queen, David Shore, Roger Wolfson

Produced by: Gerrit van der Meer

Cast Members: Nestor Carbonell, Kristin Lehman, Ioan Gruffudd, Eric Schaeffer, Hector Elizondo, Shannon Walker Williams

Released date: March 16, 2004

Episode(s) Number: Appeared in all episodes

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Duration: 1h

Set in the year 2030, when lawyers at the firm of Crane, Constable, McNeal and Montero tackle the ultra-modern, headline-making cases of the future.


The future is now in session.

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