Character: Agent Jan Marlow

Created by: David DiGilio

Directed by: Fred Gerber, Paul A. Edwards, Guy Ferland, Tim Iacofano, Tim Matheson, David Nutter, Marcos Siega

Written by: David DiGilio, Michael Alaimo, Charles Grant Craig, Norman Morrill, Vanessa Reisen, Henry Robles, Eli Talbert

Produced by: Joseph Patrick Finn

Cast Members: Aaron Stanford, Matt Bomer, Logan Marshall-Green

Released date: May 10, 2007

Episode(s) Number: Appeared in all episodes

Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery

Duration: 45 min

Tyler, Jay and Will are friends who’ve spent the last few years in grad school together. Soon, they’ll depart on a summer trip — but a prank involving roller-blading through one of New York’s most famous museums makes Jay and Tyler prime suspects in a terrorist bombing that destroys the museum mere seconds later. The pair hopes Will will be able to clear up the situation, but he’s nowhere to be found. Worse still, Jay and Tyler can’t actually prove Will ever existed; in every photo taken over the past two years, Will has managed to cover his face. Are these guys pawns in a conspiracy? Will their own government be willing to help them? And can they solve the mystery while avoiding detection by the FBI? The show often flashes back to when the trio first met.

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